Sync engineer

ICT Group N.V.
In briefASML is a Dutch high-tech company and the main supplier of machines for the semiconductor industry, in particular steppers and scanners, which are used in the manufacturing of chips. Various services are offered to ASML by the ICT Managed Services project: a Sync Service, an AIR Service (solving minor problems), and a Test Service. In addition, more complex projects are also executed. The Sync Service involves transferring patches/code from release to release, or from service pack to service pack. This is necessary because a fix or new functionality often has to be present on (for example) multiple releases/machines. The (future) team member is responsible for the entire process of the sync, of course supported by the entire team.This is what you like to do
  • Collect all information at the start of a sync
  • Sync and merge code using the available tools
  • Testing the patch and creating a test report
  • Identifying problems and solving them yourself where possible
  • Communicating with our team and with the team at ASML
This is where you recognize yourself
  • Bachelor level
  • General understanding of software development. Knowledge of C, C++ and/or Python. Basic knowledge of Linux and/or basic knowledge of version management is a plus
  • Have the insight to solve trivial matters yourself, but also to call in the help of the team or the responsible developer in the ASML project in time
  • Proactive: Take initiative and follow up actions. Ownership and motivation to move the project forward
  • Keeping an overview, multitasking, planning and structured working are important. On average you work on 3/5 projects at the same time
  • An eye for quality and process-oriented work
  • You currently live in the Netherlands.
Wie zijn wij?Als ervaren leverancier van oplossingen voor industriƫle technologie wil ICT Netherlands de wereld elke dag een stap slimmer maken. Onze toegewijde technische professionals voorzien klanten van diensten op het gebied van consultancy, softwareontwikkeling, projectmatige oplossingen en managed services.What do we offer?
  • 29 vacation days
  • 13th month
  • You will receive a multi-week training focused on the most important facets of software development at ASML
  • Guidance in picking up your work with our team, where you learn even more
  • Opportunities to grow into more difficult and/or more challenging work
  • Working in a multidisciplinary team and with pleasant colleagues
Are you interested in this position, please contact Linda Strauss via or +31 (0)88 908 2000.