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Full-stack developer

Werkgever: Triple 3D Datum geplaatst: 10-11-2015 Regio: Amsterdam Datum gewijzigd: 10-11-2015

About Triple 3D

Triple 3D is a global 3D printing design online community which aims to connect all kinds of talented designers & creatives who want to make their design ideas happen through the new technology of 3D printing.


We are an international startup team, mostly from Greater China, who have the passion to bring designers from China and Europe into one place and let those talented designers get inspired by others, learn new skills of 3D modelling, 3D printing prototype and sell their design products to customers from all over the world.


Our website :


As a fast-growing, global vision 3D printing IT startup, we are looking for passionate, open-minded, entrepreneurial people who are willing to be fully engaged in the early stage, startup business development process.


You will be working in a 8 people team. We have a dynamic team culture with all kinds of skillset around such as UX design, 3D printing product engineering, business development, social media and online marketing. 


Bonus point

-  Understand and like the technology of 3D printing, additive manufacturing

-  Have network in industrial design, product design, manufacturing etc

-  Have startup experiences in the past 

-  Have the maker and product builder mentality, want to drive things forward quickly


Salary / Benefit 

1 Working close with all the co-founders, will get 120% commitment from all the founders in the team

2 Get to know all kinds of the most update-to-date technology news and information from the team, especially 3D printing

3 Share options

4 500 EUR salary + travelling expense, depends on the specific condition

Functie eisen

Required experience & skills

  • Demonstrable experience in developing web apps with PHP . If you don’t know PHP, you have excellent skills in another language and are open to learn PHP.
  • Familiar with coding in a team, using Git.
  • Be able to learn new technologies and prototype quickly: you enjoy hacking and puzzling your way to the ultimate solution.
  • You understand programming languages are just tools, you can pick up a new one quickly and can choose the best one for each job.



English is fine,  preferably also be fluent in Chinese and Dutch 


Full Time
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